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In Review
Laurance, H.E., Thomas, K.G.F., Newman, M.C., Kaszniak, A.W., Rubin, S.R., Nadel, L., & Jacobs, W.J. Age-related changes in human place learning. Journal of Gerontology.ABSTRACT RAWDATA. 
Jacobs, W. J., Stiles, A., Nadel, L., & Thomas, K.G.F. Humans do not forget spatial information over long retention intervals. Psychological Science.

In Press
Thomas, K.G.F., Laurance, H.E., Brunner, T.M. Luczak, S.E., & Jacobs, W.J. Age-related changes in human cognitive mapping system: Data from a computer-generate environment. Cyberpsychology and Behavior.
Kállai, J., Kosztolány, P., Osváth, A., & Jacobs, W.J. Attention fixation training: Training people to form cognitive maps helps to control symptoms of panic disorder with agoraphobia. Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, 30.

Skelton, R.W., Bukach, C.M., Laurance, H.E., Thomas, K.G.F., Jacobs, W.J. (1999). Humans With Traumatic Brain Injuries Show Place-Learning Deficits in Computer-generated Virtual Space. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neurospsychology, 21. 1- . ABSTRACT
Jacobs, W. J., Thomas, K. G. F., Laurance, H. E., & Nadel, L. (1998). Place learning in virtual space II: Stimulus control. Learning and Motivation, 29, 288-308 ABSTRACT NEWFIGURES RAWDATA Laurance HE, Thomas KGF, Jacobs WJ, Nadel L (1998). Place learning in real and computer-generated space: Performance of younger and older adults. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 16, Suppl. S MAR 18.
Nadel, L., Thomas, K.G.F., Laurance, H.E., Skelton, R., Tal, T. & Jacobs, W. J. (1998). Human spatial cognition in a virtual arena. In C. Freksa, C Habel, K. F. Wender (Eds.), Spatial Cognition – An interdisciplinary approach to representation and processing of spatial knowledge. (pp. 399-427). Springer-Verlag: Berlin.
Jacobs, W. J., Laurance, H. E., & Thomas, K. G. F.  (1997) Place learning in virtual space I: Acquisition, overshadowing, and transfer.  Learning and Motivation, 28, 521-541. ABSTRACT NEWFIGURES RAWDATA 
Baum, M., Andrus, T. & Jacobs, W. J. (1990). Massed and distributed exposures to the conditional stimulus differentially affect extinction of a conditioned emotional response. Behavior Research and Therapy, 28, 63-68. 

Figueredo, A.J., Kirsner, B.R., Bachar, K.J., Jacobs, W. J. The mathematics of melancholy: An evolutionary economic model of depression. Presented to the conference on Evolutionary Theory and Psychology, November 1999. New York, NY.
Kirsner, B.R., Figueredo, A.J., Bachar, K.J., Vasquez, G., & Jacobs, W. J. The effect of depression on perceived mate value and mating opportunities. Presented to the conference on Evolutionary Theory and Psychology, November 1999. New York, NY. 
Jacobs, W. J., Booker, J., & Feldman, J. A cognitive-behavioral approach to university teaching. Teaching. Roundtable presented to 11th annual meeting of APS, Teaching Workshop, Denver. June  1999. 
Baker, C., Hsu, M., Ryan, T., Nadel, L., & Jacobs, W. J.. (1998)Functional Neuroimaging of Place Learning in Computer-Generated Space. Poster presented to the Robert S. Flinn Foundation Life Sciences and Biomedical Research Symposium, December 1998. Tucson, AZ.
Jacobs, W. J. Autobiographical and emotional memory from a multiple systems perspective.  McDonnell Pew Program in Cognitive Neuroscience Annual Meeting. June 1998; Montreal, Quebec 
Jacobs, W. J. Primary prevention of intrusive emotional memories.  Invited symposium speaker; presented to the 10th annual meeting of APS, Washington DC. May 1998. 
Metcalfe, J. & Jacobs, W. J. Emotional memory: The effects of stress on "cool" and "hot" memory systems. Presented to the first International Conference on Memory, Tsukuba, Japan. 17 March 1998. 
Laurance, H.E., Jacobs, W.J., & Nadel, L. Place learning in the elderly. Presented to the annual meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society, San Francisco, CA. May 1998. 
Metcalfe, J. & Jacobs, W. J. Can ‘hot’ human emotions be captured by ‘cool’ mathematical models? Invited paper presented to the Tallin 1998 conference. Tallin, Estonia 

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